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Online Planning

At Grace Core, we work with our clients to establish a mutual understanding of the objectives, expectations and goals of their campaigns. Setting goals that align with the business’ goals will ensure an understanding among everyone of the steps it will take to begin to see results. When goals are established, expectations for the delivery of clear and actionable information that keeps clients informed of the campaign’s progress will be understood by everyone. Grace Core clients are clear about the campaign plan, strategies, the long-term and short-term goals and accomplishments, at all times.

Defining KPIs is a key component of Grace Core’s online planning strategy. A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a business is achieving key objectives in order to evaluate the success of reaching the targets. This process includes: identify goals, identify the target audience and determine which metrics help to achieve the goals, and define the most important strategies to reach the established goals.

Defining Targets

% Media Coverage
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social

SEO has proven to be an effective method to achieving a number of important marketing objectives, It is important to set specific measurable goals and objectives, and if the goal is not measurable, it is not useful. Defining targets correctly is essential to reaching target goals. Effective SEO and SEM strategies all depend on good planning, research and execution. Depending on the industry, business model, and other factors, businesses benefit from taking advantage of a full range of strategies to accomplish their goals. Using all Grace Core’s digital marketing services is key to achieving established goals.

Audience analysis from social data can tell you a lot about your target auidience. To see success in a campaign strategy, knowing who is being targeted is critical. Setting defined targets carefully impacts the effectiveness of the campaign. For instance, reaching the target audience when executing a social campaign depends on well executed SEO and SEM strategies. At Grace Core, we are experts in defining and undersdtanding targets that result in a successful campaign that delivers a maximum return on investment.

Delivering Success

Creating and tracking conversions is essential to knowing if the campaign is a success and determining what needs to changed to improve conversions. Regular tracking and testing will verify the validity of the data, identify needed adjustments, and guide gains in continuing results.
To ensure we deliver success, Grace Core are experts at creating and tracking conversions, building an optimization path, and implementing ongoing testing and experiments.

Grace Core is focused on measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) which is the indicator that helps to determine if the expected return on a campaign justifies the investment. We are also focused on measuring the Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS), the indicator that determines the return on advertising spending. Knowing the ROI and ROAS helps to determine whether the advertising campaigns are making a profit, sooner rather than when it’s too late and a lot of advertising dollars have already been spent.

Web Development

At Grace Core, we are a full service website development company that creates effective campaigns and web presences. We designing powerful branding and effective and engaging websites that are compatible with the latest devices. Our services produce websites that achieve exceptional search engine result positions, increased conversions and increased visitor loyalty.

Grace Core works with developers to implement the best optimization, which includes onpage optimization, testing landing pages, and performing technical site audits for optimization. We utilize wire frame collaboration to create coherent layouts and give hierarchical structure to a website, This ensures both the client and our team understand the relationship among a product or service’s pages, content, elements and functionality.


“Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.” – Google definition. Web analytics is vital to: determine market interest, target market, analyze market trends and determine the behavior of website visitors. It is also useful tool to understanding visitor needs and preferences. At Grace Core, we understand the importance of correct data for analysis so we ensure quality analytics, and understand what data is telling our clients. Our analytics service helps our clients to identify their target audience, drill down segmentation, improve bounce rate, improve conversions, and increase ROI by aligning resources to the proper campaigns.

With our analytics service, clients can assess the success of other marketing activities, learn exactly what their customers are looking for, see where they are losing customers, and understand why leads don’t convert. As well, we compare how different segments move through the funnel to learn the best and worst converting types of customers. By learning what is working and what is not working, we can optimize the right strategies and eliminate the strategies that are not working. Analytics also helps us to see the trends over time.

At Grace Core, we utilize analytics to develop empowering data-driven solutions. We provide the information required to ensure that a business website is optimized to deliver the best possible return on investment. Our web analytics services helps businesses leverage the data to make clearer business decisions.

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