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Customized Analytic Solutions

Grace Core’s analytics services include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and more. Grace Core creates custom dashboards for ease of client understanding reports which provide valuable business insights and helps Grace Core and our clients understand digital goals and funnels. We find exactly what our clients need to measure on their website before designing an analytics solution, and the data driven facts that Grace Core takes direction from is used to implement future optimization steps

At Grace Core, we know exactly how to get the best from Google Analytics and the Google stack. This includes advanced implementations, drill down segmentation, conversion optimisation, measurement planning, analysis, CRM integrations, and more. We make sense of the data contained within the Google Adwords account and take action to improve client campaigns.

Adobe Analytics is an alternative reporting solution. We understand the power of Adobe Analytics and work with clients to provide valuable integrations and reporting. We create tailored Adobe solutions that capture accurate metrics, dimensions, and segments, as well as create engaging reports and dashboards. We also help clients make sense of the data contained within their Adobe account and take action to improve their campaigns.

Data Driven Directions

No matter how visitors are engaging with a site or app, personalized targeting allows our clients to offer visitors a quality experience on every device. With Grace Core Analytics, our clients can tailor site visits based on both real-time and past behavior, as well as demographic and location to provide better site experiences that improve conversion rates.

With Grace Core analytics services, our clients are confident they are capturing the right analytics key performance indicators (KPIs), and that the web analytics numbers are accurate. Clients also get the right mobile analytics solutions to understand the role mobile is playing in their campaigns. Our test and track methodology allows are experts to accurately measure and report for our clients’ campaigns. With proper reporting, measurement, and analysis, Grace Core creates a system that gives accurate data for SEO, SEM and Social so our clients can make better business decisions to get the most from their ad campaigns.