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Building Awareness and Leads Through Social

Paid social advertising is essential to businesses of all sizes in order to increase awareness, boost leads, increase visitor loyalty, and generate more revenue. Little is gained if businesses are not paying to advertise, At Grace Core, we work with businesses of all sizes who need to break through social media barriers, and we work with our clients to enable story telling. We use the right social media platforms to acquire target traffic that are potential customers for our clients.

At Grace Core, we know how to build targeted audiences and understand how to maximize look-a-like audiences. We work with clients to set goals and target the most relevant social media platforms, including: Facebook, Instagram, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, Twitter  etc.  We deliver exceptional paid social results through custom creative messaging, audience targeting, testing, tracking, and analysis.

Grace Core’s social media plans leverage technologies that identify potential customers based on their behavior, trends, and data mining. We also create content that will engage customer/user community across all social channels. With our social media services, we are able to successfully grow the number of fans and followers to help increase brand awareness and credibility.

Paid Social Media Advantage

At Grace Core, we will integrate client paid social media advertising with other PPC advertising in order to have a diverse, strong campaign that has a much greater and wider impact. With our social media advertising services, clients benefit from a more effective use of their marketing budget, building brand awareness, increasing targeted website traffic, and increasing brand loyalty.

We understand social insights and can take direction and build upon new testing campaigns. We test, refine and maintain ongoing segmented split testing in order to determine what ads perform best, identify areas for improvement, make appropriate changes where necessary, and to optimize ROI.

At Grace Core, we have years of experience working with a diverse array of businesses to create and implement tailored social media marketing strategies. Our clients gain valuable insight into customer opinions, needs and interests, as well as gain customer trust and create more brand exposure. Our clients leverage the most powerful social media advertising platforms and attract target audiences with ads that drive conversions.