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ROAS Focused Management

Search Engine marketing (SEM) involves strategies such as  keyword research,  paid ad listings, competitive analysis, ad copy creation, A /B testing and landing page optimization, just to name a few areas we focus on to increase targeted traffic to your website that have a high chance of converting. PPC advertising such as Google Adwords as well as BING and Yahoo! Marketing campaigns are an effective way to target potential customers.

Grace Core’s SEM services help businesses successfully target users of search engines that have a high potential to convert through advertising paid links (pay-per-click ads) in search results.

Advertising budgets can be determined with the help from Grace Core Corporation. Grace Core has managed over 50 million dollars in budget spend, no matter the size of the budget, PPC campaigns are a smart investment that can earn a high ROI.

Date Driven Media Decisions

At Grace Core, our Google Adwords and BING and Yahoo! Marketing  campaigns are designed for a maximum ROI. Grace Core continuously optimizes client ad campaigns to make the most of their advertising budget.  PPC advertising campaigns can easily be tracked to measure Return On Investment (ROI) which allows for modifications to increase conversions. Our PPC advertising strategies also includes continuous testing cycles. As well,we also provide banner ad creation for remarketing testing. We design these ads to be seen by people who have already visited a client’s website and benefit from a reminder to return and convert.

We are experts at incorporating analytics in paid campaigns. We track our clients’ Google AdWords campaigns and provide clients with the tracking and reporting tool, Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, we measure the amount of performance goals achieved by their advertising campaigns. We  also effectively track and measure the performance of BING and Yahoo! Marketing campaigns.

At Grace Core, our hands on builds of client campaigns allows us to track and make changes to improve campaigns such as, for example, tweaking bidding strategies and split testing. Our SEM audits are an effective way to improve our clients’ paid search campaigns. The result is a successful Grace Core SEM campaign that delivers a maximum return on investment for our clients.